Vegan Tattoos

Vegan non Toxic Holistic Tattoos

Here at Hexafoil Tattoos we believe in the holisitic approach when ever possible, thats why we’ve commited to only using Vegan Non – Toxic Eternal and Dynamic inks.

For the health of our ourselves, our fellow Animals and the Earth’s body and well being. We make ethical consumerism the foundation of everything we do.

Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is made of natural pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water. Eternal Ink is free of animal by-products and is vegan. Not tested on animals.

Stencil Stuff.

For longer lasting, crisp, clean, and sharper tattoo stencil transfers! With …No harsh chemicals. 100% non-toxic & vegan friendly.

Paper Ink cups

Lower your carbon footprint with these long-awaited paper pigment cups. TATSoul – in collaboration with Barber DTS – have designed these paper ink caps with each individual cap being made from thick pressed and moulded paper stock.

Tattoo Transfer Carbon Paper, Spirit Brand (Vegan Friendly) ~ Best Quality

After Inked * complimentary aftercare with every tattoo*

After inked is a premium tattoo aftercare lotion which heals new tattoos and brings your existing tattoos back to life. It is vegan, PETA-approved and does not contain petroleum or lanolin.